With MediiD Files you have the ability to share files, make files public on your Public profile, and to share files with restrictions.

Every folder has a master switch for public/ Not Public  – that will place that folder on your Medi Public profile. ( This is what first responders will see when they scan your MediiD )

Only the files in that folder that have been set to viewable will appear on the public profile.

This is handy situations where you want 5 files in a folder shared when you travel in case of emergencies. You then simply flick the view option on the switch,  and those 5 files of say 30 files in that folder will appear on your public profile.

Here is a file inside a folder:

You can see the switch on the right set to public


Even though the file is set to public, it will not show on your public profile unless the Folder it is in is set to public also. This will then display on your public profile all of your files set to public.


Please note, a user must have access to your ID & Pin to view your public profile, it can not be found by googling your name etc, it is secure and hidden from plain sight.